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Silicone Dolls eBay…Buying a sex doll can be an emotional decision, especially when it is your first! There’s the careful research and selection, the thrill of the purchase, accompanied by anxious anticipation of their impending arrival into your life. For your sex doll to arrive and not look like what you had imagined is deeply … Read more

Alt Love Dolls – Mature Love Dolls to Inflatable Dolls

The production line at the San Marcos factory

Love dolls and alt love dolls which available, are often talked about in hushed voices, they are a taboo topic, a possession to be hidden. However, with more and more people living alone and for longer, why the aversion to something that brings companionship and comfort? Studies indicate that loneliness is increasing in spite of … Read more

Sex Doll Advice From Love Doll Agony Aunt

Doll funeral

I’ve gone off sex with my love doll. I’m feeling guilty for thinking about replacing her for another doll I’m more attracted to. Hi Rivi, I’ve lived with my first and only sex doll, Layla, for almost nine years – I’m still in love with her. I was nervous getting a doll in the first … Read more